Classic HD Set Silver

The Travalo Classic HD Set contains an attractive aluminium shell and three refillable cartridges. So you can easily switch between your three favourite perfumes. Your favourized fragrances are always with you und you can easily refresh yourself. The Travalo Classic HD is available in different colours, so it matches your style everyday. The refillable cartridges of course can be filled with the other Travalo products Milano HD and Divine HD.
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Additional information

Filling quantity

5ml per cartridge (for about 65 sprayers)


86mm high / about 20mm diameter (the case)


Atomiser made of light aluminium. Cartridges made of plastic


Refillable, allowed to use during flights



Travalo - the worlds favorite scent sprayer

You want to be able to get a fast breeze of perfume, everywhere, whenever you want? You think thats impossible, because a bottle of perfume is way too big for your handbags or purse and can possibly break?
The refillable scent sprayer by Travalo is the brilliant solution! The handy sprayer uses a simple but ingenious (and patented) technology to be able to get refilled, completely without air contact. The little fragrant stick fits easily in every little bag or purse and allows you to use a whiff of perfume everywhere and anytime you want.

Refillable in seconds

The scent sprayer by Travalo is refillable from almost every flask with a removable nozzle. Just remove the spray head from your standard bottle, put the Travalo on the nozzle and pump up the fragrance - done! Your Travalo is ready for action in seconds.


Safe and easy refill

Refilling your travalo is a piece of cake, no need for a hopper or a screwdriver. The fragrance is absolutely safe, no leaking or dripping of your beloved scent!

65 refreshments possible

Small but powerful! With just about 3,38 inch, the Travalo is just as small as a finger, nevertheless just one fill is enough for around 65 uses.


Nur 8.6cm hoch und 20g leicht

Der Travalo ist mit 8.6 cm zwar nur so groß wie ein Finger und wiegt bloß 20 Gramm, doch eine Füllung ergibt volle 65 Dosierungen mit einem wunderbar feinen Sprühnebel, was seine unscheinbare Größe vergessen macht.


Authorized for planes

The Travalo can be taken on planes in your baggage worldwide! The exclusive pressure control system allows a regulation to different air pressures on planes. With this innovative system, leaks are prevented and you will arrive refreshed wherever you go!



Refilling made easy

Just remove the spray head of your big parfume bottle and put the Travalo on the nozzle of the flask. Via multiple up-and-down-motions you can now pump up your fragrance. The useful level indicator shows you, at what moment you have pumped sufficient liquid. Please do not overfill!



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