Your favourite fragrance wherever you go!

For Leisure Time

Finally the work day has ended or the weekend has arrived and you want to spend a few hours in the circle of your loved ones. You might go and visit that trendy bar with your friends or have a romantic dinner with your partner, but not without the Travalo! With a practical Travalo Perfume Spray in your pocket you can enjoy your leisure time activities even more attractive in the future! Let’s be honest, often there is simply not enough time to get home after work and get ready for a fun evening with your friends. Fortunately, you can take the handy Travalo perfume stick with you, filled with your very own favorite scent! With this convenient fragrance atomiser you can comfortably refresh yourself at any time and any place. Depending on the occasion you can change your personal appearance with a touch of oriental charm, flowery glamour or as a true gentleman even a delicate tart note. And by the way, the atomiser is also an absolute eye-catcher, for which your friends will envy you!

The Travalo is available in three unique designs and different fashionable colors. As a result, modern men and fashion-conscious women are able to find exactly the right perfume spray for their current style. Add a touch of perfume discreetly on the wrists, on the hair or the neckline and nothing stands in your way for a fun evening or a night of partying! You can also customise the appearance of your Travalo to match your outfit or respective occasion, because the three model series Travalo Classic HD, Travalo Divine HD and Travalo Milano HD are compatible with each other. You can therefore change the appearance of your fragrance atomiser in just a few simple steps! Whether discreet, glamorous or elegant, it´s completely up to you! Click here for the products

On Holiday

The Holiday has finally arrived and it is time to let your spirit free and fully exploit the free time according to your personal preference. It goes without saying that during your well-deserved vacation you want to use your favorite perfume, or perhaps several of your favorite fragrances, depending on the occasion and time of day. But do you really want to carry that exclusive glass bottle with the expensive fragrance in the toilet bag? The risk that the bottle may break while travelling, is simply too big. As a consequence, many of us opt with a heavy heart for a cheaper perfume or refrain entirely to use this special touch of luxury during their well-deserved annual holiday. Isn’t that a pity? With a Travalo perfume atomiser such problems are now finally a thing of the past! Simply fill your favorite scent from the original bottle in a few seconds into your 15 gram Travalo.

Thanks to its patented Genie-S Refill technology, a safe refilling with your precious fragrance is guaranteed! The contact with air is completely avoided so that the noble fragrance can not evaporate and remains safely enclosed in the perfume. Another important advantage is, that the Travalo spray is not made of glass and has no fragile parts, which is why it can’t break in your bag during travel by any means! But it gets even better: The elegant travel perfume spray is even approved for air travel in hand luggage, so you can take it easily with you even on short trips! You can now enjoy the fragrance of the big wide world with the practical Travalo perfume spray as your reliable travel companion! Click here for the products

At Work

Especially at work, it is of course an advantage to always smell good. Besides sympathy, the smell of the other person plays also a significant role in the chemistry among each other, no matter whether you are the manager, employee or customer. But how can you keep yourself fresh and fragrant all day long? Many companies require a strict dress code from their employees. Banks and many other public authorities therefore often require a classic suit and tie for men and strict ladies’ suit for the women. Especially in the summer this can quickly get quite uncomfortable, because the heat does unfortunately not take into account occupational Dress codes! How fortunate, that the easy to store Travalo fragrance diffuser exists! The discreet perfume spray fits completely inconspicuously into almost any pocket or purse and provides a quick sensation of freshness.

The patented HD spray head has a truly unique spray effect, which can refresh your senses like a gentle summer rain. Your professional environment will be thrilled! A Travalo spray bottle in the workplace is indeed a special highlight, because a small touch of perfume can allow you to relax for a moment, even on a hard day’s work and think about beautiful moments of your life. This will allow you to go back to work refreshed and your colleagues will thank you for it! Click here for the products

During Sports

Whether you are playing beach volleyball on the beach, during a vigorous exchange of blows on the tennis court or during exhausting crunches at the gym, with the Travalo perfume atomiser you always have that extra freshness within reach. This compact spray bottle offers you up to 50 dosages and a practical inspection window of the Travalo Classic shows you always reliably the remaining perfume quantity in the container.

In this way you can easily create a sufficiently filled Travalo for any upcoming Sports event! Of course, if you move a lot you will naturally begin to sweat. But wouldn’t it be more pleasant if you would still emit a slight male-tart or female-fruity note instead of unpleasant body odor? Pleasant fragrances are also proven to stimulate the senses and thus can also increase your personal energy level. A few sprays of perfume with the Travalo and your personal performance in yoga, Zumba or squash might increase again!

After an exhausting workout it is finally time for a little wellness. Refresh yourself with a short shower and then place a fabulous fragrant perfume over your body with the Travalo atomiser in your gym bag. You should absolutely spoil yourself with this luxury after a strenuous sports activity! Click here for the products