Travalo - the most popular perfume atomiser in the world

Simply clever

  • Refillable within seconds
  • Lossless filling, without a funnel
  • No air contact, scent intensity remains
  • Attractive designs for every fashion type
  • Awesome atomisation effect thanks to HD spray head
  • Unbreakable material, no glass
  • Allowed in the hand baggage on flights
  • Immediately usable, witout assembly
  • Compatibility of all Travalo models


The Travalo Milano HD is now also available as a handy Travalo Milano HD set including one case and three refill cartridges!

You want to enjoy more than one scent with your Travalo Milano HD? No problem, the elegant Travalo Milano HD set provides in total three refill cartridges that can be used with a single case only. The cartridges can be switched within seconds, enabling you to take the appropriate fragrance for the moment with you.

The Travalo Milano HD sets are available in different colours, suiting every mood and styling. Enjoy yourself while choosing your personal favourite!

Travalo Milano Set Black

Your favourite scent is always with you!

The Travalo is so small, tough and reliable, that you can take it with you everywhere without a bad conscience.

Travalo Worldwide

Over 95000
Facebook Fans
More than 35 Millions
Over 1000
media reports
Over 100 Awards

The global popularity of the Travalo perfume spray is increasing more and more. No wonder, with the trendy Travalo you can refresh yourself in just a few seconds everywhere. Whether you are on vacation, at sports, at work or in your leisure time, a scent of your favourite perfume will surround you.

The handy perfume spray is obtainable in the appealing versions Travalo Classic, Travalo Milano and Travalo Divine as well as in several colours. So finding the perfect matching Travalo is easy for everyone, man or woman, old or young!

Meanwhile, some 35 millions of enthusiastic users all around the world are gladly using the Travalo travel perfume atomiser. And now it´s your time!
Here you can enter the shop.

Needless to say, a Travalo HD set is a fantastic promotional gift for valuable customers or an extraordinary birthday or anniversary present, too! With a Travalo, you will pleasantly stick in the heads of your business partners, colleagues, friends and relatives for a long time! The Travalo could even be provided with a special engraving.

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