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Travalo Classic HD

The perfume atomiser for perfume lovers - easy to handle and refillable!

Classic and timeless design

The Travalo Classic HD is the latest and significantly improved version of the Travalo Excel model.

The design is kept simple, but nevertheless elegant and very robust. A functional display window enables the control of the perfume volume within the atomiser. With regard to its discreet design and its low material weight, the Travalo Classic HD atomiser is the perfect companion for perfume lovers longing for a fresh and extraordinary scent at any time and any place.

The handy and space-saving Travalo Classic HD enables a quick and pleasant refreshment everywhere upon your request!

Refillable within seconds

Within seconds, you can simply fill in your favourite perfume, from your original perfume bottle to the leakproof, refillable and handy perfume atomiser Travalo Classic HD. By decanting from one sealed bottle to another, the scent won’t be exposed to the air, leading to an unwished evaporation. Travalo owns the newest Genie-S patented refill technology ensuring the most effective and safest filling of the perfume atomiser.

The complete Travalo product series benefits from the latest developments within the refill technology. Now the filling is even more safe, simple and faster! The red Genie-S opening guarantees the highest quality, consistency and safety standards. With a Travalo, you get a functional and refillable perfume atomiser with a very attractive appearance, furthermore enthusing you with its comfortable handling.

The latest high-quality spray head

The Travalo Classic HD, as well as the complete recent Travalo product series, is equipped with the latest HD technology. The HD spray head atomises a perfectly magical cloud of perfume, as good as or even better than the spray head of the original perfume bottle. With the HD spray head, the handy perfume atomiser all the more becomes an extraordinary fragrant pleasure!

Convenience all along the line

You want to use different Travalo perfume atomisers with your favourite perfume, depending on the specific occasion?
No problem, all recent Travalo products are compatible with one another! You only once have to fill in your favourite fragrance. According to your look and style you can freely select within the Travalo product range.

Take your Travalo whenever and wherever you go!

That's how you do!