Clean the Travalo

How to clean your Travalo atomizer

If you want to clean your Travalo atomizer, you can do so. However, cleaning the Travalo atomizer (the Travalo cartridge) is quite complex, as you must remove all fragrance residues from the Travalo cartridge before you can fill a new fragrance into the Travalo atomizer. We therefore recommend using each Travalo cartridge for just one fragrance and not for several.

How to clean your Travalo atomizer:

– Obtain a small travel spray bottle. These are available, for example, in drug stores and pharmacies.
– Buy a spray bottle with the smallest nozzle which exerts only light pressure, otherwise you will damage your Travalo.
– Fill the spray bottle with water.
– Now fill the Travalo with it. Pump the water, just like the fragrance of the perfume bottle, into the Travalo.
– Make sure that you don’t overfill the Travalo!
– Spray the water several times from the Travalo, if necessary.
– It can take up to seven passes until you have completely cleaned the Travalo cartridge.

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If you own several fragrances, we recommend a Classic HD set (within a three-cartridge case), a Milano HD set, or if you already own a Travalo atomiser, you can buy only the cheap single cartridges and your different fragrances in it.

Alternatives to clean the Travalo