•  14.90

    Classic HD Hot Pink

    You can pump down your favourite perufme and just take it along! You never have to use the not very practical and too large vials again . With the Travalo Classic HD perfume atomizer you always have your perfume with you and you are able to refresh yourself wherever and whenever you want. You can chose your favorite colour for your Travalo Classic HD, so that it fits your style.
  •  23.90

    Classic HD Set Hot Pink

    The Travalo Classic HD Set contains an attractive aluminium shell and three refillable cartridges. So you can easily switch between your three favourite perfumes. Your favourized fragrances are always with you und you can easily refresh yourself. The Travalo Classic HD is available in different colours, so it matches your style everyday. The refillable cartridges of course can be filled with the other Travalo products Milano HD and Divine HD.
  •  28.90

    Geschenkpackung Classic HD HotPink&Purple

    The Travalo giftwrapper Classic HD is an extraordinary gift idea for men and women, that ist suitable for every occasion. On the road, travelling or for everyday usage, the Travalo Classic HD is a practical companion. The handy Travalo fits in every bag and brings refreshment to you. Die Travalo Geschenkpackung is available in different colours.