Perfume Pod

Perfume Pod

The handy perfume atomizer with refilling technology for any occasion.

Practical and clear design

The Perfume Pod is extra simple in its design and impresses with high robustness. The transparent surface allows you anytime to look at the filling quantity, so you can refill your perfume in time if necessary. The Perfume Pod is shatterproof and scratch resistant, your precious fragrance is perfectly protected. The simple design and low weight make the Perfume Pod the ideal daily companion of perfume lovers who want to smell good and high quality at any time and at any place. The inconspicuous Perfume Pod fits into any pocket and allows you a pleasant touch of freshness. Never go without the Perfume Pod in your hand or pocket outside your home and refresh yourself, whenever and wherever you want!

Quick and easy to refill

You can fill your Perfume Pod atomiser within a minute with your favourite fragrance from your original perfume bottle. Thanks to the genius-S patented refill technology this repeatable process is absolutely simple and self-evidently leakproof. The refilling of your perfume from a sealed bottle to another ensures that your precious perfume isn‘t exposed of the air at any point of the process.

All Perfume Pod products are using the latest refill technology. The red Genius-S Opening of the Perfume Pod guarantees highest quality and safety standards that ensure a simple, fast and safe filling of your perfume atomiser. Treat yourself to a quick Perfume Pod with easy usage, which you can have always and everywhere!

Technical product specifications

The Perfume Pod is just 8.5 cm tall, has a diameter of 1.8 cm and a tiny hardly noticeable weight of 14 grams, so you are able to carry the elegant and practically light scent diffuser always and everywhere with you without it getting noticed. The Perfume Pod is available in many different fashion colors. Choose the matching Perfume Pod compatible to your personal style and refresh yourself, whenever and wherever you want!

So geht`s!

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