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Local library stunning pasture.

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Your flatmate Wished | Crew.


The unveiled room has about 20 rectangular meters, two lovely skylights and beams with a retaining wall, that could be employed decoratively. The skylight each one use a blind that darken the room well. Theresa wish to tee up a rack there. Then we talk about using a stop by.

Anstonsten we have (when you could deliver a micro-wave will be paper editor the type) in another dining room table is ne kitchen area, huge washroom guest bathroom along with a storage space area…

To Schoneweide an individual just the HTW is used. There are a lot a lot more right here. Our condominium is really a wonderful road with numerous old houses. There is a wonderful catalogue, a principal institution, a number of restaurants, mail, Spati and so on. The Spree in addition has not far’s. Searching facilities are ten or fifteen second stroll in Schoneweide core. Here’s really are all you need.

Also within just walking length Kaufland, Rewe, dm and Edeka.

Our internet connection is superb. Through the station you might be in 10-20 minutes at Ostkreuz, in 20 at Schonhauser, in 10 or 15 in Neukolln in Schoneberg. Additionally, a train operates to Schonefeld Air port.

The tram works in 20 minutes to Friedrichshain or twenty or so minutes to Lichtenberg.

Then there’s still the bus that you just arrive at Kreuzberg or Baumschulenweg and Neukolln.


Ui, the most critical:

At this time we are right down to 3: Theresa, Sarah and Samuel. Theresa will take off of in March. We want somebody for thefriendly and good, at most effective jointly. You ought to in the middle of your life be and are open. Our company is somewhat tranquil, WG-get-togethers, there are occasions socially but we wish to feel relaxed here to start with.

You should not be pedantic, although a certain standard of cleanliness is already important to us. It’s basically a WG. In the WG was from time to time, renewed what about the time here and there or revised – if you are so motivated in this area, is definitely a plus.

But to us:

I (Sarah, 22) have finished my education in Jan and definitely will job from Apr. Incidentally I personally use time to dedicate to me last but not least the spectacle as well as some other undertakings. I continuously have new concepts in mind and hope to apply in 2018 a whole lot. I’m much and as with the flat, I like to have morning meal there together with each other or nighttime with wine (or, more recently, with whiskey) to spend time playing a game to cook or just sit alongside one another In any other case I would prefer to go bars or off (now small (Soli) Events) or as soon as got good friends there. ‚D‘ delighted any time a new a friendly relationship would come up.

I (Samuel, 24) learning electro-mechanical design for the HTW Berlin, now already inside the excel at and lived for pretty much three years within this lovely flat. Besides, studying I work at Edeka in the Eastern and vegetable department. Otherwise’m in many cases with my camera busy (Timelapse!! ). By means of lucky instances a fantastic a cup of coffee has landed inside the toned a couple of weeks in the past. Ever since then, I come up with a research out of generating a cup of coffee. I need a stress-free and opened with each other and anticipate intriguing interactions.

Many others.

If you have any awareness and that we have the emotion you suits us, we are going to be up between 19.2. And 22.2. Invite. We can keep it free us during the week something else if you do not have time.

Write us via the contact form about the reasons why you get us fascinating, what bothers you, how well you picture the WG daily life, and the like. Since we currently match the pre-choice through e-snail mail, it’s very good after we get a concrete snapshot individuals.

Transmit us a website link to your Fb information or Instagram best, and we all might make a much better visualize among us.

Playstation: The relocate-in particular date is payforessay to happen among 01.03 and 01.04. Understanding we explain additionally facts.

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